Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Welcome Winter

Highligts from the week:
"we have a new investigator, her name is ____ and she has a cute dog :) "

"she had so much makeup on her face when she hugged Sister Hillam she left a face-print on her shirt. We laughed a little bit."

"we just ate usual Thanksgiving food except for fry bread instead of rolls. It was all delicious"

they finally got a pic of the couple that drives a lawnmower to Walmart. 

Another district hike!

"story behind this picture: we went knocking on doors with ____ this weekend and it was like mildly cold but not too bad so neither of us wore coats. Well that night (the person they went out with) and ____ knocked on our door and shoved Walmart bags in our hands and said 'try these on' so we pulled on these coats and they were a perfect fit! ____ bought us coats cause he thought we were gonna freeze to death, it was super nice of him!"