Monday, January 30, 2017

The Hiatus is Over

hello everyone this is Sister Nilsson's older sister Quinn who volunteered to be in charge of the blog and I am doing a horrible job. I apologize I will try to do better.
But now for news on Sister Nilsson!
Last you saw her, Sister Nilsson was in Cortez Colorado but just a few weeks ago was transferred to Monticello Utah! She was really sad to leave Cortez, she really grew to love the area, but after a few weeks in Monticello she is warming up to Utah!
She loves her new companion Sister Withers and they recently were able to see one of their investigators baptized.
She tried Venison for the first time, she said it wasnt too bad.
The sister missionaries' BFF from Cortez came and surprised Sister Nilsson at church this past Sunday and she was over the moon.
She and her companion sang at a 50+ singles ward mingle spontaneously.
The favorite member in Cortez came to visit Monticello!

Missionaries even have magic eye fun 

this sandwich is called the Sandberg Sandwich. Apparently its a big deal