Saturday, February 25, 2017

Introducing: The Triple Threat!


So this week was super long for some reason but also very good. Lots of stuff happened and I am eternally exhausted. But, here we go!
SO on Monday Sister Withers and I made the 2 1/2 trek to Farmington in the fog and rain and deer-infested roads, driving through reservation and then getting a phone call at 8:00 from the Assistants to the President telling us we were late for a trainers meeting we didn't know was happening. SO that was wondeful, now we are un-trained trainers but we still made it to farmington safe and on time (at least the time we thought we were supposed to be there) so that was good. We woke up nice and early to get ready to meet our trainee! I got to see some old friends and that was fun, and it was soooo much better to be on the trainer side rather than the trainee side of that meeting. we got assigned our trainee, her name is Sister Dowd! She is super cute, she likes broadway and Disney, and is from Oregon. She is loving the work already so that's good, glad she is cause i definitely wasn't day 1. Anyway we spent our first day in Dove Creek (which is an odd little town) and she loved every minute of it! and of course Sister Withers and I did too because we love our people. Ok so on Wednesday D---- (mean granny) took us out to dinner and I ordered a buffalo burger, thinking it was going to be a nice patty with buffalo sauce and blue cheese and such...then when the lady plops down my plate and i see a sauce-less burger i face the brutal reality that i will be eating BUFFALO MEAT. which is something I never wanted to do and had no plan of doing, but alas I had to eat it anyway. It wasn't too bad, just the thought of eating buffalo threw me off a lot. Also, good news! R----s (11yearold) dad agreed to let someone else baptize her so R----- has been thinking about who else can baptize her! so she can be baptized pretty soon hopefully, i love her so much. Also, A---- got the priesthood on Sunday! he could be ordained right to a Priest, so he is doing so amazing. he's so happy and is such an example to all the other young men in the ward. he really appreciates the gospel and knows life with and without it, which not a lot of people around here experience. so ya
we also knocked on this door this week, and a lady named M---- answered. she's a strong roman catholic so we shared a scripture for the bible, and then the conversation took an unexpected turn to her abruptly closing her bible and asking 'do you ladies take birth control?" and then she started talking about natural remedies for that kind of stuff and got in to WAYYY too much detail, it took all of our might to not just bust out laughing right on her doorstep. needless to say, M--- wasn't interested and we probably won't be going back.
ah on Saturday was a hearbreaking day, one of my favorite less-active couples are having major problems (the ones who feed us dinner all the time) and it hurt my heart so much to see them struggle. T---- is facing hard decisions and she is so sweet and just deserves the best life ever, as does her husband C---- who has had addiction problems in the past which has messed with him mentally. i came to the conclusion that addiction is one of Satan's strongest tools and the one i hate the absolute most because it just destroys people. so ya don't do anything addictive it's evil. So that was hard for us, but T---- got a priesthood blessing and came to sacrament meeting (which we totally didn't expect her to do ), so hopefully things work out better.
thtas basically the here is amazing! stil can't believe i have only a year left, that is just gonna fly by. I hope you all enjoyed your week! I loveyou!
Sister Nilsson

Sister Nilsson, Sister Withers, and their new trainee, Sister Dowd! Madison refers to them as the 'triple threat'

planning for the day

lovely members who feed the sisters pizza

Sister Nilsson and Sister Dowd

She says its a slumber party every night with a trio. Missions aren't all hard work, they can be fun too :)

always finding an animal to love