Friday, August 19, 2016

First Week at the MTC

       Oh geez for some reason I look super ugly here and Sister Barber is very beautiful so I apologize for those photos you saw. Sounds like everybody had a good week! I miss you guys! Sadie sent me a sweet package of cake pops which was very nice. Everybody in my district got mad at me for being a loud email reader so I guess I better stop thinking out loud. The mtc has been so awesome! Definitely not conference everyday. Its a lot of class, where they teach you how to best teach and help the people you'll serve, study, meals, exercise, with the occasional devotional. My district is so awesome! We have 4 sisters and 8 elders! I will try to attach a picture. Half of us are going to New Mexico and the other half are going to Indianapolis Indiana. All the elders are little 18 year olds but they are so much fun I love them all. One of them seriously reminds me of Ethan, another one quotes Napoleon Dynomite al the tiem and he is amazing at impersonating him its so hilarious. I have a video but I have no idea hwo to download photos on this thing. Our teacher is SO Hot. Quinn look him up his name is (name withheld). It becomes hard to focus with him teaching but we manage. Sister Barber and I were struggling the other day with figuring out how to apply Christ into our lesson so he had to come over and help us out for like 30 minutes straight. We play volleyball a lot everytime we exercise. I already jammed my finger playing it. Tell Mett hello and tell Ian to get his permit otherwise he's gonna need his mommy to drive him everywhere when he's 16. Give Spud a hug for me I miss him, tell me where Connor goes! And congrats to Britton thats awesome! I am SOO glad I didn't have to learn a language I would die if I did. Also I've seen Jessa. Tyler, and a lot of kids from my high school its like a high school reunion. The food here is good. Can't get fat though. umm nothing super exciting. Lots of learning and stress but fun times. Our district snuck into the chapel and sat around and sang church hymns the other night which was like a dream come true for me. I miss music. I'll try to upload pictures but we are all struggling. 
Love, Sister Nilsson

She captioned this one "Taco Bell Night! Best Night Ever!"
Enjoying her study time outside (in an adorable outfit her sister put together)

She says Sister Barber is very stylish on P-day. 

P-day with the district (Sister Barber, Elder Williams, Elder Wren)

Getting some shots
MTC roomies!

Sister Nilsson and Elder McKellar

A typical day in the MTC

Elders Barnard and Richardson

Her sister Sadie sent her some delicious cake pops

companions about to teach a lesson

The elders discovered they can make a kazoo
sound when they blow into their badges which
they call their 'badgepipes'

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

First Email!

Sister Nilsson was able to send us a quick email after she entered the MTC. From the sound of it, she is having a great time already.

"alright so I'm allowed a quick email so I totally saw Tyler already! I tried to hug him but he reminded me I couldn't, my companion is that girl who followed me on instagram and she is from Orange County! She's nice, I'm excited. I'm doing well and am a little nervous but ready. Ha Beatrice already emailed me! I love you guys and miss you already but have fun and I can promise I'll be having fun too:)
Sister Nilsson"

MTC Entry!

August 10, 2016

Sister Madison Nilsson is on her way! We had the morning to prepare her to leave and for her to say her goodbyes to the dog and cat then off to the Provo MTC. We are all excited for her to experience the miracles and blessings that lay ahead yet sad to see her leave us. It was a bittersweet moment as we dropped her at the MTC curb with a sweet sister to help her on her way. Knowing that she is in good hands and fits right in with all the other missionaries makes us feel better about her leaving. We can't wait to hear about her experiences.

In the car right before pulling into the MTC

Tear-filled eyes but happy faces

And there she goes. See you in 18 months. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Called to Serve- June 25, 2016

I was called to serve in the Farmington, New Mexico mission. Initially I was mildly disappointed towards my call, but learning more about my areas and recognizing it wasn't where I serve but who, I quickly became more and more excited. I had 6 short weeks before I would find myself in the Provo MTC, which was a little overwhelming. After weeks of skirt shopping, temple trips, and spiritual preparation, it's finally my time to enter into the mission field. I couldn't be more happy, confident, and ready to go out and serve!
(I thought I was being called to Mexico at first glance)
(My two cute and supportive best friends, Vylia and Beatrice)