Sunday, June 18, 2017

Already Halfway through May?

I can't believe its already May 15. Mothers day was aamammamaaazzziinnngggg, made me very very happy to see you all. glad to see you are all doing well and life is good:) This week has been good! again, sorry i wont have a lot of pictures to send, I'll make it up next week. :) But yes, so Monday was Sister Dowds last day in Monticello, so of course the Helquists had a big BBQ with their whole extended family. It was really hard for Sister Dowd to leave, I don't want to have to do it. But all a part of mission life. So that was fun, we had a good time and had a good lesson with one of our investigators so all was well on Monday. 

On Tuesday we were off to Farmington to swap, Sister Dowd was a little nervous and her stuff was super heavy but we got everything packed in the truck and ready to ride. I got to see Sister Hillam in Farmington, she is now serving in the Farmington YSA ward! She was excited, sad to leave Cortez and now I don't have any connections there anymore but luckily I will see the Cortez sisters at Zone Conference so I can bother them about the work there. Sister Dowd was off with Sister Anderson and Sister King joined me, it's always fun to adjust to a new companion. It's even more fun when the adjustment phase is over and you're just good friends. Sister King and I get along really well, we broke that adjustment phase pretty quick. it was POURING rain in Dove Creek and Eastland Tuesday night, and her bags were in the bed of the truck and she didn't want them to get wet, so we pulled off on the side of the highway and in the mud and pouring rain tried to shove her huge bags into the back of the truck. It seriously looked like we had taken a shower by the time we got it all situated and hopped back in the truck. We should have taken a  picture, but it was really funny. 

Sister King is really easy going and fun, so rather than that being a terrible experience we were laughing the whole time,good way to break new companion ice. Sister Codner was excited to have another new sister, she never remembers our names but loves us still. on Wednesday i hit 9 months! So weird to me, already halfway. The last half will go by even faster! But Wednesday was good, Sister King is a hard worker and its so fun to work hard. She is a confident quiet which is fun, it's teaching me how to enjoy and embrace silence in lessons, it will take me a minute but I'll adjust and figure it out. :) on Thursday we got to see Amalio, he has officially finished the Book of Mormon and is going to start round 2! he even compared the events towards the end of the Book of Mormon (everyone killing each other and sadness) to the beginning of the Great Apostasy (when the priesthood was off the Earth) and I haven't even made that connection yet. He was so sweet, he gave us an extra thank you towards the end of the lesson and expressed his gratitude for missionaries. he says "people dont recognize how hard you guys work and I really appreciate it, because it probably isn't easy" SO SWEET we were exploding inside.

 We also FINALLY saw Courtney (Raylees dad) (Raylees an 11 year old investigator who was on date for baptism) and we had to lay down the law and tell him church needed to be a bigger priority in order for Raylee to be baptized. So it was really hard to take Raylee off of baptismal date, but it's better for her. I probably won't be here to see her get baptized which makes me sad, but I hope everything gets sorted out so Raylee can have that support. Courtney agreed and understood what he needed to do. So that is good. Saturday we had our Helquist dinner, SIster King enjoyed it and loves them already of course. Charlie is trying to think of a name for his glass business but nobody is creative enough for him. I used to be creative but now I"m only creative in gospel aspects. then of course, skyping on Sunday was amazing! It was hard to not think about it all day! But we knocked out some fun lessons on Sunday and then I got to see my amazing family. Thank you for all your support and love, I miss you every day but I looovee being a missionary. Stay safe and heatlhy and all that good stuff, I love you!
Sister NIlsson

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