Sunday, June 18, 2017

Week 2 is already over

This week went by really fast! Monday was one of the funnest P-days I've had in a while, I don't even know why we just messed around and shopped and I convinced Sister King to buy a cute 30 dollar dress and she did and was regretting it the rest of the day but she wore it yesterday and it was SUPER CUTE. but it was really fun, we went to clean our truck and the people who cleaned their car before us washed a whole load of HORSE POOP off their vehicle, so we were leaping around piles of horse poop trying not to step in it while we were cleaning our truck. On Tuesday we were in Dove Creek, that special place, and had a lesson with one of the less-active members there named james, who is the epitome of Dove Creek. Mid-lesson he coughed up this huge lougie (lugie?) anyway you know what I'm trying to say, anyway ya mid-lesson he hacks it up and spits it over the deck, SO NASTY but Sister King and I were dying of laughter, luckily he has 0 shame so he was too. We also picked up a new investigator named Liz, she is super nice and a sweet lady. Both of her daughters are members, so hopefully she can make some good progress! 

On Wednesday it SNOWED. SNOWED SO MUCH. LIKE A FOOT. heard it snowed there too? we weren't expecting that much snow so we were definitely not dressed for the weather, Sister King was wearing this cute but not fit for snow canvas shoes, her feet were soaking wet all day. It just snowed and snowed and snowed. but anyway we finally got to see Aleighya (Amalios cousin who wants to be baptized but her family situation isn't permitting that right now) and she is so sweet, I haven't seen her since like February, Sister Dowd never even met her! So it was good to see her again. We also got to do a missionary mutual with the 3rd ward this week, the kids did a great job and it was fun to hear them teach and learn. Hopefully at least one of the kids gets something out of that, we had fun doing it though.

 On our way home Wednesday night we experienced a pure miracle. So we live in the middle of nowhere, on a dirt road that nobody drives down, surrounded by open field so the snow blows from the fields right onto the road, so the snow is even DEEPER on the road, and it has no tracks so we have no idea what to expect. Anyway, we were driving home Wednesday night and the snow was a lot deeper than we though, but we couldn't like stop or turn around or anything so we just keep trekking to Sister Codners, and then we started drifting and sliding, right towards a ditch. My only though while i clung to the steering wheel was "i really don't want to sleep in the truck tonight" and Sister King was absolutely silent as we slowly started to drift, then by the sweet grace of God i somehow corrected ourselves and we were able to dip into the ditch but pull right back out, don't even ask how our tires got traction or how I, as the non-pro driver I am, was able to correct us out of there, but we were slipping and sliding but made it safely home. We were both so stunned and then started laughing because it was terrifying, but still. made it safe. gotta sleep in my nice warm bed. on 

Thursday we had district meeting, where we eat PJ's after District meeting for lunch. and THEN some members took us out to dinner and we were gonna eat at a different restaraunt but it was too busy so we went to Pj's, and Sister King and I had foolishly gotten PJ's the day before for lunch, so we had pj's 3 times in 2 days. it was terrible,. we are scarred form Pj's right now.

 on Friday we finally saw the Hickmans again! AND SO EXCITING THING HAPPENED: so Amber (the only member in the family) told us they would probably never come to church, so i think i told you a while ago we invited them to pray about church and were worried they would kick us out or something. but anyway, we asked if they had been doing that on Friday, and Amber told us she had been thinking A LOT about coming to church, and that she wants to discuss it with her family! IT WAS AMAZING i love this fmaily tons and church would bless them so much. so i was internally freaking out but hopefully the spirit continues to work on her. Sister Codners daughters came for a daughters weekend this weekend, they are all just as sassy as Sister Codner. Nancy(whos son i graduated with) should be bringing a package to you sometime mama:) anyway, they cleaned out the entire pantry and got us a new fridge to satisfy Sister Codner ( so now we have a nice new fridge) and it was fun to see Sister Codner so happy.

 ON Saturday we ate with the Helquists again, their experiencing some challenges which always breaks my heart but hopefully things will get better. We went mudding kinda because we have an investigator who lives on a road off the highway and its all dirt and rocks, so we drove through giant mud puddles and our truck looks nasty. even the Elders were like where did you even go, they are jealous because our truck looks cooler than theirs. just kidding we are washing it today. Sunday was a normal Sunday, hope Ian had a happy birthday! Sounds like you did. and now Monday again. already week 3 of the transfer, time is flying. anyway thats the week, it was a good one. luckily spring weather is back so I'm enjoying letting my pale pale legs get sunlight.
Sister Nilsson

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