Sunday, June 18, 2017

Memorial Day

hello hello! We got to email in the family history center due to memorial day (which by the way you all should do some family history) so hooray! i got a booming 8 emails today, how popular am I? it's highschool all over again. just kidding actually it makes emailing less stressful:) this week was a  lot of fun! it went by really fast, i say this every email but the transfer is flying. we are going into week 4 (out of a 6 week transfer) so it will be interesting to see what happens, I'm emotionally preparing myself for a possible transfer but maybe the Lord will smile upon me and let me stay here with Sister King. We are having a lot of fun together:) So on Monday we stopped at the Helquists to see how Trish was doing. Charlie is in jail currently, facing a possible prison sentence for something silly, so its been hard on Trish. She was doing good when we stopped by on Monday, her 20 year old son was "faded" (what is classified as being both drunk and high) so he waltzed in as happy as can be, thinking everything was hilarious. hahahah it was really fun to listen to him talk, and then he hopped in the truck and drove away which was super illegal but he does what he wants. sweet Trish just has to roll her eyes but it was sooo funny. I love that family. Meeting the Helquists and spending time with them has really helped me learn how important it is to NOT JUDGE. its scary to realize that Utah Mormons are a thing. it's real that they have a more judgement attitude, i noticed the difference when i was transferred from Cortez. so promise me you will get rid of that attitude, because good people are everywhere, they just don't get the chance. Its been hard to see people judge others without even getting to know them or see them as God does. SO DONT DO IT PLEASE. charity is so so so so important, and I'm very lucky to work at developing it as a missionary, I have met and fallen in love with so many amazing people.

 I will be heartbroken to leave here if thats what the Lord has in store for me, but again, we still have time. anyway, on Tuesday we were in Dove Creek and went to read the scriptures with James  (the one that hacked the lougie last week) but they were busy hauling out an old broken bed. so of course we offered to help, and they let us join right in. what a project! but it was so much fun. we carried out this HUGE mattress with a weird smell and questionable stains on it into this shed that i don't even know how we fit the mattress in there, then we tried to build this complicated bunk bed for the grandkids to sleep on. we had no idea what we were doing but managed to figure it out anyway, James didn't hesitate to give sassy remarks such as "hurry up" or the occassional joking curse word. it was funny and his wife is a non-member and REALLY appreciated our work. so hopefully she will have a softer heart towards our message, she hasn't really been super interested before but baby steps. anyway that was fun, Sister King and i were exhausted afterwards. on Wednesday we hit the jackpot at the thrift shop, some rich farm-wife is ADDICTED TO SHOPPING and donated like 10 bags worth of BRAND NEW clothes that were super soft and super expensive and super cute. and the lady who owns the store is a member and we always help her out so she lets us take anything we want, so we stocked up, in fact i even sent some home:) its cute huh? it was an amazing day to be Sister Nilsson and Sister King. we also got to see raylee. she is dong amazing as always but her dad isn't really stepping up to help her progress towards baptism, so we might have to do the saddest thing I dont want to do and let her go for a little bit to help her dad recognize that this is important and urgent. ah it breaks my heart to even think about it, but I have good hopes. on Thursday one of our returning members brought us shakes from this really good shake place in Blanding, it was so nice of them.

 On Friday we had a CAT PARTY! Siister Codner has 3 cats as you know which stay outside but Sister King and I wanted to snuggle with them so we snuck them upstairs and locked them in our study room as we planned for the week, they were so cute and fun. We also were blessed with a new investigator who already READS FROM THE BOOK OF MORMON EVERY DAY. THATS BETTER THAN MOST MEMBERS. so we were excited to visit with him. unfortunately he is moving to Grand Junction in a couple of weeks but we will teach him while we can. tender mercies every day. on Saturday we had dinner with Trish again, and found out that Charlie will be coming home in a couple of weeks! Right before the end of the transfer thank goodness, but he shouldn't be going to prison. very very grateful for that. on Sunday I met a kid who lives in Draper and who knows Greg and Garrett, it was weird. then today we went on a hike! We went to Bridges National Parks, it was a lot of fun! Lots of pretty rocks and hiking and such, Sister King and I nearly died walking back up but we managed. The Elders probably are super ashamed that we are that out of shape but whatever, we had fun anyway. I'll be sending pictures. 
That was basically the week, this week should be good as well! The weather is getting warmer and warmer and I'm debating on getting a haircut (nothing too short but) so give me ideas cause I'm going through a mid-mission crisis where I need a change. I LOVE YOU ALL LOTS AND LOTS, HAVE A GOOD WEEK
Sister Nilsson

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