Sunday, June 18, 2017

Transfer #7

time is going faster and faster, i hit 9 months in 2 days and that is really bizarre to me, I love being a missionary. can't believe second skype is on Sunday! we have it schedule in for around 4:00. so be ready at that time. :) so excited! hopefully i wont have "chocolate" on my face again. but this week was good! I can't believe it's already May? How in the world did that happen?

 anyway, on Tuesday SIster Codner took Missy to the vet (she had been drinking an excessive amount of water) and Missy has DIABETES! who knew dogs could even get diabetes? The beauty of it all is that now we have to give Missy 2 shots every day! and Sister Codner does not enjoy shot giving. so this will be an adventure for us all. on Wednesday we went to Cortez for Zone Conference, which was amazing as always. I got to see Sister Withers and Sister Hillam! Lots of fun to see my companions, they are doing well. we also had interviews with President, where he basically told me what was going to happen this next transfer, Which transfer news is: Sister Dowd is being transferred to Kirtland New Mexico! She has been having health struggles so they want to move her closer to Farmington. We've done our exchanges in Kirtland, so she is familiar with where she is going, and her new companion, Sister Anderson. 

We will be heading to Farmington tomorrow afternoon where I will pick up my new companion. Her name is Sister King and I'm pretty sure she's been out just a transfer ahead of me. She was companions with Sister Hillam and Sister Hillam loves her, I've met her like twice and she seems sweet, so I"m excited. I'm really excited to work super hard an just go go go go go go, which I'm sure President is relieved because I kept on telling him how much I just wanted to work work work and I can't even count how many times he's rolled his eyes at me. Glad he gets my sense of humor. Thursday was a sick day for Sister Dowd, as was Friday. Luckily it was pretty nice outside so I helped Sister Codner weed. She has a HUGE garden and we were out there for like 3 1/2 hours. i was sore the next day and she wans't even. she is a warrior. Nancy Head and her family (Sister Codners daughter whose son i graduate with) came up this weekend, it was fun seeing them. Nancy is really nice and always cleans the house super spotless and has neat food ideas, so i like talking to her and getting new food ideas.

 We also had dinner with the Helquists on Saturday, Charlie is doing much better!:) He talks about how much the missionaries have been a help to him, which I wish we could do more fo rhim but we can't really. pray basically and send him scriptures and eat dinner every satruday with him and Trish. Trish is doing good too<3 oh exciting miracle, i have been praying AL WEEK for a new investigator (our finding has slowed down) and lo and behold on Sunday night we were blessed to find a cute little couple and their little boy who let us share a message! They don't believe in God (yet) so minor setbacks, but it was so exciting to receive a nice answer to a prayer:) hmm i thought i had more to email about, but guess not.  
love you all very much
Sister Nilsson

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