Sunday, June 18, 2017

it is beyond windy in Monticello today luckily i have an extra long skirt on but i have dirt in my eyes and the truck door was almost ripped off due to the wind. good day good day. This week has been good, it went by fast like I knew it would but we still had fun! On Monday we worked our tails off to clean our truck. We didn't care much at first but then the Elders got all competitive so of course we had to beat them so we scrubbed and cleaned and waxed and LOST. our tire pressure was too high I guess, we didn't even place. shame shame shame on us. The elders didn't necessarily win either, but they got 2nd place. but thats ok, our truck still looks good. 

We had a lesson with Amalio on Monday which was a lot of fun, we made a "word of wisdom" headbands where basically we all had different foods or something on our cards and we had to guess. Now remember that Amalio moved form Mexico like 2 years ago, so his little accent is still pretty thick and he doesn't understand all of english. But one kid had a "taco" on his card and he looked at Amalio and asked "have you had me before" and Amalio just chuckles and says "ohhh yes!". Another time the same kid had a raisin, Amalio looked at the card and looked at us confused and said "i don't even know what that is!" it was funny. He also asked if he was a "salad" and he literally said salad just like Spongebob on the episode where Pearl takes over the Krusty Krab. it took all my  might to not mention anything but nobody would have understood anyway, but i laughed inside. On Tuesday we had interviews with our mission president, which was good. He is concerned about how the work is going in Monticello because it is slowing down a good amount. I've been concerned about it all transfer, so I knew he would mention something. He also told me my time in Monticello was winding down (which I've been in denial but) but he said he couldn't remember if that meant i would be leaving this upcoming transfer (which would be next tuesday( or if maybe i have 6 more weeks. of course i begged to stay longer but that doesn't change God's will. It would be really hard to leave here, I really really love these people. So I'm preparing for that, which is stressful and hard but i've done it once adn I can do it again:)

 One thing I will say though, especially being a Utah Missionary: MEMBERS MAKE SUCH A DIFFERENCE. MISSIONARY WORK DOES NOT EXIST WITHOUT THE MEMBERS HELP. I don't know how often you see the missionaries, but ask them to share a message in our home, or offer our home for lessons with investigaotrs, or think of people you know (because i know you know people) who need the gospel because you can trust the misisonaries and they need your help. offer to go out and teach with them or to give them rides somewhere or to come over to our house whenever they need water or food or the bathroom or anything. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE think of your Sister Nilsson here in 70% mormon small town Monticello who needs the help of the members, be the members that are involved with missionaries. PLEASE. :) just trust me on that one. 

on Wednesday we traveled over to Cortez for zone conference. It was fun to see everyone, and Sister King and I survived doing our roleplay in front of everyone and singing. of COURSE Sister Adams put the microphone right in my hands for the song, just my luck. Sister King and I have been struggling with finding lately, and the whole theme of zone conference was finding. There was a lot to take in but we managed to take pages of notes and have been trying to apply what we've learned in our work. We were challenged to find 8 NEW INVESTIGATORS before the end of the transfer (so by this Sunday) and that made our jaws drop, as well as the Elders in Monticellos jaws drop. Of course I trust God and his ability to make anything happen, but thats gonna take great faith. So we were kinda overwhelmed after zone conference, then we were walking around trying people and a member who owns a greenhouse gave us a basket of flowers to give to some sick lady who has a non-member husband. so of course we walk over to the trailer and knock on the door, and the man literally yelled at us for bringing flowers over. "where the *bleep* am i supposed to put these?" i was just speechless that somebody could be so rude! all because of the nametag. after we told him the flowers weren't from us, he chilled out a little bit and apologized and explained how his mouth hurt. we were already feeling discouraged and that was like salt in the wound. i mean being yelled at by people is like a daily thing but ya that wasn't fun. so lesson right there- just be nice to people. i don't care who they are, be nice to people. thats a lesson i'm learning a lot here.

We also had exchanges in Kirtland this weekend, that was fun. It was a weird exchange where both Sister King and I went over to Kirtland and they double worked their area. Luckily one of the sister we exchagned with has her cosmetology license, so Sister King and I got haircuts! Of course just a trim on my part (i haven't changed) but my hair is much happier and curling a lot better. you were right mom. We also got to go to a baptism in Kirtland and I got to see Sister Dowd! She gave me a huge hug, she is doing so much better! It was so good to see her, she actually got moved to Farmington and is companions with Sister Hillam! (i think i told you this but) so I got to see Sister HIllam as well. She goes home at the end of next transfer which is CRAAZZYYY to me, thats when Garrett gets home too. time is zooming. I also hit 10 months on Saturday ? don't ask me how that happened. i feel like i was just celebrating that i hit 6 months. wowowow. on Sunday we finally saw Hector! he is doing good. :) he is working towards the priesthood. I'm pretty stressed about transfers but what else is new. Not ready to leave but i don't think i ever will be. 

wow this is a long email you better appreaciate this. all is well, this week should be good! we are excited to work hard and get things done. i love you all! I hope you are having lots of fun in Lake Powell, I heard it was windy there too just be grateful youre not in a skirt:) I got a farmers tan this week! lucky me!
Sister Nilsson

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