Sunday, June 18, 2017

Summer Summer Summer

I can't believe its JUNE? how did that even happen. Sister King tells me that the summer flies by and it already does. the Transfer ends mid-June, then it will be July, then August? WHAT IS HAPPENING? This week was good, glad Memorial day is over because we spent the whole Monday evening knocking on vacant houses, we found one family to teach so that was a nice tender mercy. Tuesday was the same, lots of knocking, less answering. Dove creek is slowing down so we are working with the Branch to pick the work back up! Probably include lots of tracting, which I've started to enjoy less and less but whatevs. do what you gotta do. Ha oh ya funny story, so Monday night it was ROASTING hot in Sister Codners house, Sister King watched her flip the thermostat to 80 degrees! Sister Codner gets really cold because ALL THE HEAT RISES to our room upstairs, so we were dying. So turned on our fan full blast, opened all the windows, then turned on this floor fan we have. (oh i think i wrote about this already but i'll tell it again) anyway we got this fan from a member, and at the late hour of 3 am i was FREAKED OUT awake by this terrifying noise, i thought it was some crazy person scratching at our screen or something I had no idea, and i woke up in a sweat wondering what in the world just happened, and i looked over to see that our fan had basically like exploded! I guess one of the blades had broken off previously so the member just glued it back on, but it broke again and got jammed in the fan then snapped off all the other blades and pieces went flying! Sister King like didn't even move or anything so I thought she hadn't heard it, but she told me later she thought the cat had flown through the window and broke the fan hahahaha she said her tired brain could'n't compute what was happening. anyway we found pieces of fan blades in our beds, laundry, in the hallway, everywhere. it was crazy and terrifying and funny all at the same time. We'll be getting another fan because its still nice and toasty in the Codner home.

 on Thursday we did some service for the Monticello College (hippie college i told you about) and Sister King was worried we were gonna get like kidnapped and trapped there because its kind of excluded up the mountain. but we didn't, we just weeded the greenhouse and I got free spinach! So it was a win-win. Sister King thought the college was pretty weird, if they have a website you''ll have to look it up. still funny. It also randomly poured rain for like 5 minutes on Thursday, right when we were trying a trailer where an older Navajo man lives. We went over to talk to him and mid-discussion he reached over and wiped all the rain off my face. Then he thought i was wearing fake eyelashes and that they would droop off because of the water, so he examined my eyelashes as well. Sister King thought it was hilarious, and luckily he was just a nice old navajo man otherwise I would have thought it was much weirder than it was. Still a little too close for my enjoyment but funny anyway. 

on Friday we were heading out to teach and we say the cats all gathered around something, so i looked over and saw a little chipmunk and had to look away quickly due to my animal sensitivity, and i was just gonna run away and try to forget about it, but Sister King took a closer look and said "its alive! we need to save it" so we grabbed a little shovel and scooped it away from the cats and held him on a little glove, of course he had to be a BABY chipmunk so it made it even worse,  he was breathing so fast and he kept his eyes closed, he was so scared. so now we had this cute baby chipmunk and we couldnt just put him down cause the cats would get it, so we found a little box and filled it with tissue and gently placed him in there. Luckily Sister Codner is also an animal lover so she let us set the box in her house and watch it while we went teaching. Well we came home and the box was empty, so we asked what had happened to our chipmunk. Sister Codner explained that he started perking up, and next thing she nknew she looked over to the box and it was empty. So then she was like "oh crud i have a chipmunk in my house" then her DUMB DUMB OBESE DOG finds the chipmunk in the corner and crushes him in her mouth! Sister Codner said he was gone by the time she figured out what happened. we went through all this effort and stinkin missy killed our chipmunk. We were mad at her the rest of the night, stinking dog. We were also volunteered to sing a song with the Blanding Sisters for our zone conference, so we've been practicing that this week. we are freaking out and not excited but whatever. pushing comfort zone. 

Zone conference is on Wednesday, we're excited. we washed the truck to win the competition and our shoes are soaking wet. on Sunday we had a dinner mix-up and accidentally had two people sign up for dinner, but we felt bad and didn't want to cancel so we ended up going from one dinner appointment to another. we really practiced portion control on Sunday. also exposed my Comic Con secret to the Boyle family (active member family who helped with Amalio a TON), we had dinner with them and their 14 year old son named Joe started talking about Marvel, so of course I get excited and join the conversation, then Joe asks how much I really like Marvel stufff so i said "well have you heard of comic con" and Sister Boyle, just laughed and said "Sister Nilsson, you are an actual NERD!" so now they know the truth. I threw Quinn under the bus too though and said me and her did it all together. Joe wants to join us for comic con sometime quinn. Amalio also blessed the Sacrament on Sunday, he messed up 4 times but is very humble and was able to laugh about it. very proud of him:) This week like I said, Zone conference, exchanges, interviews. its gonna go fast. Thank you SO MUCH for the package, it was an amazing surprise and i love every thing in there. already changed my sheets and have worn some of the clothes. Enjoy Lake Powell, boat a whole lot for me! I'm loving mission life, its going really fast! I love you all!
Sister Nilsson

so there is a  college in Monticello. this is the campus

fan explosion

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